Well-Being Outreach Services

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure...
Benjamin Franklin

The Rice Recreation Employee Well-Being Team provides complimentary wellness experiences to support staff and faculty in living a healthy lifestyle and working well. All department leaders are eligible to request private, onsite services that support the well-being needs of the staff/faculty within the organization. Explore our current options and complete the form to request the outreach services that meet your team's wellness needs and interests.

Not sure which outreach service is best for your team? We can help with your decision. Schedule a brief meeting with the Assistant Director of Employee Well-Being to discuss your interests and our customizable options.

Please note that most sessions will last 30-45 minutes and must occur between 8 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday. A department leader must submit a Well-Being Outreach service request at least two weeks before the anticipated event date.


Stretch Breaks

The Rice Recreation Team encourages stretch breaks throughout your workday to reduce discomfort caused by prolonged sitting/standing, boost energy, and enhance mental clarity. Regular stretch breaks at work can alleviate tension, reduce stress, prevent injuries, and promote productivity.

So, take a break and stretch it out to feel refreshed and focused!

You can expect:
• A 20-30 minute stretch session
• Standing and seated gentle movements (Change of clothes not required)
• A great option to start or finish any staff meeting or department gathering


Mindful Movement and Yoga

The Rice Recreation Team encourages everyone to work well by moving with intention, focusing on their breath, and connecting with their body and mind.

Mindful Movement and Yoga involve gentle, flowing movements that stretch and strengthen muscles, increase flexibility, and reduce stress. These sessions have a positive impact on mental health by calming the mind and reducing anxiety, depression, and stress-related health issues, leaving you feeling more centered and better equipped to handle daily challenges.
So, take a break for a Mindful Movement or Yoga session to improve your team's physical and mental well-being!

You can expect:

• A 30-45 Minute Mindful Movement or Yoga Session
• Standing and Seated Mindful Movement session (Change of clothes not required)
• Yoga mats provided for Yoga sessions (Change of clothes suggested)

Breathwork Session

Meditation or Breathwork Session

The Rice Recreation Team encourages everyone to take a break from their busy work schedule to refocus, calm, or energize their mind.

Meditation and breathwork have been proven to help reduce anxiety, depression, and stress- related health issues. These techniques can also improve mental clarity, focus, and creativity, leaving you feeling refreshed and energized. Expert staff members and fellow mindfulness practitioners will guide all sessions.

You can expect:

• A 30-minute Meditation or Breathwork Session
• Comfortable seating arrangements
• Change of clothes is not required

Health Talk

Health Talks

The Rice Recreation Team empowers faculty and staff to stay informed and motivated on the journey toward a healthier lifestyle with Health Talks on various health and well-being topics.

Health Talks are short education sessions that provide valuable information about health-related matters and practical tips and strategies for improving well-being. Learn more about nutrition, fitness, stress management, sleep hygiene, or any other health-related topic, and gain the necessary knowledge and tools to make positive changes.
So, invite the Employee Well-Being team to present a Health Talk to your team and discover how to optimize health and well-being!

You can expect:

• A 30-minute Mini-Lecture on a Health or Well-being Topic
• Expert Advice and Practical Tips
• Handouts and Resources for Further Learning

Functional Movement

Functional Movement & Low Impact Fitness Session

The Rice Recreation Team encourages everyone to prioritize their physical health and fitness by incorporating functional movement exercises into a daily routine.

Functional Movement exercises simulate real-life movements and activities, such as lifting objects, bending, twisting, and reaching, to improve overall strength, flexibility, and balance. These exercises can help reduce the risk of injury, improve posture, and enhance athletic performance.

So, take a break for a Functional Movement session and begin to improve your team's physical fitness and overall well-being!

You can expect:

• All participants must complete an Assumption of Risk Waiver
• A 30-minute Functional Movement Exercise Session
• Standing and Floor Exercises (Change of clothes is required)
• Expert guidance on proper form, technique, and exercise modifications
• No equipment required

Sweat Together Sessions

Sweat Together Sessions

The Rice Recreation Team offers customized group exercise opportunities like Zumba, Box & Burn, and many more.  Let the team building begin with a series of sessions or a one-time group experience. Schedule a brief meeting with the Assistant Director of Employee Well-Being to discuss your interests and our customizable options.