Lifetime Physical
Activity Program

Historically, Rice University has recognized that becoming physically educated is integral to one's overall education. Since the university was founded in 1912, the Lifetime Physical Activity Program has worked to create a multi-faceted learning experience that promotes the physical, social, and emotional benefits of physical activity. It is the mission of the Lifetime Physical Activity Program to teach both the theoretical and practical components of a variety of exercise/performance activities such that they will bring enjoyment and demonstrate the importance of maintaining health and wellness throughout the course of a lifetime.

Specifically, the goals of the Lifetime Physical Activity Program are:

  • To encourage a lifetime of fitness through the teaching of mechanical, physiological, and nutritional principles.
  • To teach other pertinent knowledge such as historical and cultural foundations, rules, and strategy.
  • To create an environment that fosters a sense of emotional satisfaction, physical accomplishment, and social interaction for its participants.
  • To provide students with high-quality instruction specific to course material so that they may learn skills that will improve the length and quality of their lives.
  • To expose Rice University students to activities that are not necessarily mainstream in United States culture.

For more information

Dr. Anatolia Vick
Program Director
713-348-4078 | av82@rice.edu