Equipment Checkout

The Rice Recreation Center offers a diverse selection of equipment for checkout free of charge to patrons with a membership to Rice Recreation Center.

View the complete list of equipment below:

Badminton Net & Racquet Pickleball Net Squash Balls
Bocce Ball Sets Pickleball Paddle Squash Racquet
Basketball - Indoor Pool Balls Table Tennis Balls
Basketball - Outdoor Pool Basketball Table Tennis Paddles
Birdies Pool Cue Tennis Balls
Dodgeball Set Racquetball Goggles Tennis Racquet
Exercise Bands Racquetball Racquet Volleyball - Indoor
Fitness Cones Racquetballs Volleyball - Outdoor
Foam Roller Soccer Ball - Outdoor Volleyball Net
Football Soccer Ball - Indoor Volleyball Kit
Frisbee Mini Soccer Goals Weight belt
Handball Softball Weight belt with Chain
Jump Ropes Softball Bat
Pickleball Ball Softball Gloves