Counselors In Training Program

The goal of the Counselor-In-Training (CIT) program is to prepare young teenagers (aged 13-16) for the leadership and responsibility associated with being a counselor. Throughout the summer, CITs will be assigned to specific SYAP groups and will have the opportunity to interact daily with counselors, instructors and children. CIT's will participate in various roles including operations, programming, and teambuilding. Being a CIT is unique experience where teenagers learn valuable skills in a dynamic and fun environment.

CITs are invited to apply to participate in 1 or 2 blocks of programming during the summer. Each block covers 2 sessions of summer camp. CITs are expected to attend for the full duration of a block and may apply to participate for a single block or for both blocks as their schedules permit.

The Recreation Center is offering a modified SYAP program for summer 2021. During this season we will not be offering our CIT program. We appreciate the interest from our young campers and look forward to returning in 2022.