LPAP Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to take LPAP courses to graduate?
Yes. Students must satisfactorily complete one LPAP class in order to graduate. Students with disabilities may make special arrangements to satisfy this requirement.

Can I take more than one LPAP course for credit?
Students may take up to 4 different LPAP courses for credit. Courses are not repeatable.

When should I take LPAP classes?
It is strongly recommended that students satisfy their Lifetime Physical Activity course requirements during their first year at Rice University. However, students are able to take these classes at any point during their academic career.

What type of classes does the program offer?
The Lifetime Physical Activity Program offers a variety of sport/exercise/performance activities. In the 35+ sections that are offered each semester, many have a dual sport focus (e.g. team sports), allowing a student to experience three or four activities during one year. See the Course Schedule for a full listing of classes that are offered each semester.

What should I expect from the LPAP classes?
Each Lifetime Physical Activity Program course should include: (1) the presentation of rules and strategies that are used in the activity; (2) exposure to skills and techniques used in the activity; (3) the presentation of wellness concepts/benefits of physical activity; (4) the discussion of the history and terminology related to the activity and; (5) exposure to etiquette and safety pertinent for the activity.

Can I get transfer credit for another physical activity course I have taken elsewhere?
The Lifetime Physical Activity Program will consider giving credit for similar physical activity courses taken at accredited educational institutions if these courses meet the LPAP standard.