President’s Cup

President’s Cup

College teams are composed of a respective college's student members, and are formed by contacting the sports representatives at that college. Each College can sign up and compete in the College only Intramural Leagues to compete for the President’s Cup. Below are the current standings for the President’s Cup.

2022-2023 Standings

College Points

1 Hanszen 26
2 Sid Rich 22
3 Lovett 20
4 Wiess 13
5 McMurtry 12
6 GSA 6
7 Baker 5
7 Brown 5
7 Duncan 5
10 Will Rice 2
11 Jones 1
12 Martel 0

Individual Event Results

SPORT 1ST(4 PTS.) 2ND(3 PTS.) 3RD(2 PTS.) 4TH(1 PT.)
Basketball - Freshman
Basketball - Men’s
Basketball - Women’s
Beer Bike - Men’s
Beer Bike - Women’s
Billiards - Coed Duncan Lovett Hanszen N/A
Cross Country Meet - Men’s Sid Rich Hanszen Lovett Brown
Cross Country Meet - Women’s McMurtry Hanszen Sid Rich GSA
Floor Hockey - Open
Flag Football - Coed
Flag Football - Freshman McMurtry Wiess Hanszen Brown
Flag Football - Men’s
Flag Football - Women 's Wiess Hanszen Will Rice Jones
Soccer - Men’s
Soccer - Women’s
Softball - Men’s Hanszen Lovett Wiess Duncan
Softball - Women’s Sid Rich N/A N/A Lovett
Swim Meet - Men’s Hanszen Sid Rich Lovett Baker
Swim Meet - Women’s McMurtry Lovett Sid Rich Hanszen
Table Tennis - Coed
Tennis - Coed N/A N/A N/A N/A
Ultimate Frisbee - Open Baker Lovett N/A N/A
Volleyball - Men’s Wiess Brown Hanszen GSA
Volleyball - Women’s GSA Sid Rich Hanszen N/A