Pro Shop

Forgot your swim cap? Don’t worry, our Pro Shop offers limited items available for purchase by making a quick stop by the Operations Desk. Please note: due to the nature of recreation, we will not be able to accept any refunds on items sold. (All prices include tax)

Racquetball/Squash Eyewear
(over specs)
Racquetball/Squash Eyewear (goggle style) $10.00
Racquetball/Squash Eyewear (basic) $8.00
Sporti Goggles
(in blue, smoke, or clear)
Sporti Anti-Fog Goggles
(in blue, smoke, or clear)
Silicone Wrinkle-free Swim Cap
(in navy blue or silver)
Latex Swim Cap
(in navy blue and gray)
Sport Headphones $18.00
Earbuds (in various colors) $10.00
Combination Locks $8.00
Protein Shakes $3.00
Bars $3.00