Rental & Policy Information

Rental service is only available to Recreation Center Members.

Please review our rental hours for current information on our service hours. The OAC is closed for all weekends, academic recesses, and federal holidays.

Our rental periods begin at 3 nights covering traditional Friday pick-ups with a Monday return with additional nights available as needed for your rental.

How Rentals Work

  1. 1. Review the equipment we offer and information about that gear.
  2. 2. Visit the OAC in person to complete a reservation for your equipment. Reservations are only completed at the OAC.
    Our rental office hours shift with the semester calendar and academic recesses.
  3. 3. During your visit our staff will confirm the gear available, provide any guidance or assistance if needed, and complete the rental payment. Your reservation guarantees we will have your gear ready for pick-up on your departure date. Same day reservation and pick-ups should anticipate a 30 minute process to include gear preparation and collection.
  4. 4. Return to the OAC with your rental form. We will have your gear prepared for speedy collection.
  5. 5. Following your trip, stop by the the OAC during service hours to return your equipment. We will make a quick check of the rental items and follow up with you later if there are any damages or concerns.


ROPE does not issue refunds in the event of patron cancellations. Cancellations made more than seven days prior to pick-up will be issued their rental form as credit for a future rental within six months. Patrons are responsible for retaining their rental form.

Patrons returning rental gear beyond its due date will be subject to late fees. Payment will be due upon the successful return of the gear. If the gear is not returned within two weeks of the rental due date, then the full retail value plus late fees will be charged. The renter's university account will be charged if payment is not made within seven days.

If the equipment is returned damaged or excessively dirty, the renter may be subject to additional fees. This includes the cost of materials required to fix the items. If equipment is damaged beyond repair, the full retail value of the item and shipping costs will be charged.

Individuals renting gear for an organized group are liable for all equipment listed in the rental.

Rice University assumes no responsibility for accidents or injuries resulting from the use of rented equipment.

Phone: 713-348-HIKE (4453)