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We rent a diverse array of equipment to support your adventures in camping, backpacking, surfing, canoeing, kayaking, and more. We have an educated staff on hand as well as maps and guidebooks to help you plan your next adventure. Reservations can be made for most weekends, including fall and spring recess and spring break. We also offer extended rentals over winter and summer break.

Reservations must be made in-person at the Outdoor Adventure Center. There is no additional reservation fee, but full payment for the rental must be made at time of reservation.

If you would like to inquire about equipment availability before coming in to make a reservation, please contact us by email at or by phone at 713-348-HIKE (4453). The OAC is open most weeks Monday - Friday from 1-6pm. The office is closed weekends and during academic recesses. Please check the rental hours for the most up-to-date schedule.
Rental service is currently only available to Recreation Center Members.

Phone: 713-348-HIKE (4453)