What time does the program start and end?
Children can be dropped off between 8:15am and 8:45am and should be picked up between 3:45pm and 4:15pm.

What if I can’t pick my child/children up at 3:45pm?
We offer a Late Activity Program (3:45pm - 6:00pm) for an additional fee of $250 per child/session.

Can my child/children walk home or to my office alone?
Children under 12 years cannot be released from SYAP without an authorized adult, per the Rice University minor policy.

What if I need to pick my child/children up early?
Having all of our staff available to keep groups organized and moving efficiently from the final activity of the day is critical for us to have a successful carpool process. All early pick-up must occur prior to 2:30pm. Visit the front desk of the Recreation Center and they will help you.

Do I have to pay for everything all at once?
There is a non-refundable deposit required at the time of registration. It will be applied to your total balance. All balances must be paid on or before Friday, April 12, 2024. You have the option to pay your balance in person, mail a check to the Recreation Center, or be auto-billed on Friday, April 12, 2024.

Which age group should I register my child/children for?
Your child's age at the beginning of each session will determine which age group he or she should be placed in.
Any attempt to place your child in an age group that does not match his or her age will result in an added charge of $40 to your account, and will result in the cancellation of your registration.

What should my child bring?
Participants should dress in casual summer clothing and tennis/gym shoes (non-scuffing soles). Participants should not wear sandals or other open-toed shoes. Each child should bring a swimsuit, towel for swimming, sack lunch and water bottle daily. Please mark all personal items and avoid sending expensive or fragile items. Participants should not wear jewelry. Rice University and its employees will not be responsible for any items that are lost or stolen.

My child takes a prescription medication. What do we need to do?
If your child(ren) needs prescription medication stored or dispensed while attending the summer program, please bring it (the medication) in the original container with the prescription label to registration on the first day of the session. Parents/legal guardians will be asked to complete a Medical Dosage form outlining instructions for dispensation, and ensuring that all parties are in agreement. All medication, sharps, or related paraphernalia will be held in a lockable cabinet that is not accessible to children. The medication can be administered by any member of the professional staff team who has received basic or advanced first aid training. At no time will your child be allowed to self-administer the medication without adult supervision. Medications needed for immediate use for life-threatening conditions (e.g., bee-sting medication, inhaler) and limited medications approved for use in first-aid kits may be carried by a camp counselor. The Summer Youth Activity Program must receive a written statement of medical necessity from the prescribing doctor for any camper to carry medication and related paraphernalia or devices. To download the Medical Dosage form, please click here.

Is the program "nut-free?"
The Summer Youth Activity Program is not “nut free”. We sell products in our concession booth that contain nuts, and we do not prevent families from sending children to campus with lunches/snacks that might have nuts in them. However, we will provide reasonable accommodations to protect the well-being of a child who has nut-related allergies. If your child has a nut allergy, please contact us to discuss the degree of severity prior to enrolling him/her in our program.

My child will have a birthday in the middle of sessions. What age group should I register for?
Please contact the administration office for help with this particular issue, so that we might help you register for the correct group. Please note, the Recreation Center reserves the right to request proof of birth date.

Our summer plans have changed. What are my options?
Children may transfer their spots only to siblings or step-siblings. Registration is not transferable to anyone outside the immediate family. Children missing days for reasons other than medical will not be allowed to make up missed days and are not eligible for refunds. Split sessions are not available. The deposit for each session/participant is not refundable for any reason other than a medical emergency.

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