Tina Villard

Tina Villard is the Senior Associate Athletic Director, in charge of managing the Gibbs Recreation and Wellness Center. She also serves as the Sport Administrator for the Rice Varsity Women’s Swim Team, Operations Section Chief for the Crisis Management Team and is an executive coach for Rice Human Resources. With all of those positions, you would think that she wouldn’t have time to support her staff, but amazingly she is totally plugged in and devoted to her team. Maybe that’s why she is on the very top of the org chart!

Originally from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Tina earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Recreation and Leisure studies from Brock University (that’s in Canada and is a real school, she assured us!) and completed a master’s degree from Middle Tennessee State University. She is the mother of two very active kids and when she isn’t working, you can find her running, biking or generally enjoying the outdoors.