Elizabeth Slator

Even though you wouldn’t know it from her youthful appearance, Associate Director of Programs, Dr. Elizabeth Slator, has been teaching and consulting in the areas of health, human performance and behavior change for more than two decades! An avid surfer, hiker and all-around sports nut, Elizabeth’s deepest passion lies in the intersections of mindfulness, well-being and nature, and she has created several classes, programs and retreats combining those interests.

Originally from Houston, Elizabeth had the opportunity to play both softball and basketball in college, and ultimately earned her bachelor’s and master’s degree in Exercise Science/Sport Psychology from Auburn University, and Ph.D. in Health and Human Performance from the University of Tennessee. In addition to her formal education, she is an ICF Associate Certified Coach, American Council on Exercise certified personal trainer, a qualified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction teacher and a certified Wilderness First Responder.

You’d think with all those credentials Elizabeth might be the most serious member of our team, taking time to do things like brush her hair properly or wear pants. Instead, she is just a good reminder that you can’t judge a book by its cover, and that it’s actually ok to wear shorts and a ponytail long into adulthood if that is what suits.