Pilates Reformer Private Sessions

New to the Rice Recreation Center Fitness Program are Pilates Reformer Private sessions. For those interested in fine tuning athletic skills or becoming reacquainted with their bodies, the Pilates conditioning program is ideal. It promotes strength, flexibility, coordination, mental concentration, and fluidity of movement. The adaptability of the technique to meet an individual's needs makes it a particularly beneficial program for the person rehabilitating from an injury, the one pursuing overall fitness goals or for those preparing for athletic competitions. Most exercises are performed in a non-weight bearing position, allowing for little or no impact to the joints.

What is Pilates? (Pronounced: pee-la-tees)

Joseph Pilates developed the Pilates technique of body conditioning over 80 years ago. It has long been a method employed by dancers and athletes to prevent muscular imbalances and to maintain proper skeletal alignment.

What is the Pilates Reformer?

The principle apparatus used in Pilates technique is known as the "Reformer." The Reformer is a carefully crafted piece of equipment consisting of a horizontal platform with a movable carriage that is controlled by adjustable springs. The springs allow for variable resistance during the exercises according to an individual's capabilities and needs.


New to Pilates? We are not currently accepting new clients. Please check back for program updates. 

Currently a client looking to renew sessions? Please click here.

Pricing Structure

To begin a Pilates reformer program, click the registration link associated with the package you wish to purchase. All packages come with a 30-minute consultation.

Session Type


Non-Student Members

Single Session      $55      $60 $70
Package 1
(3 sessions) 
$155 $168 $204
Package 2 
(5 sessions) 
$250 $270 $325
Package 3
(10 sessions) 
$480 $520 $630
Package 4 
(20 sessions) 
$920 $1000 $1200

Please note: Sessions are valid for one calendar year after purchase. All Pilates reformer services are non-refundable.


Meet our Instructor


Megan Gossett

Megan Gossett has been practicing Pilates for the past 18 years and teaching Pilates for the past 10 years. She is fully certified through the PhysicalMind Institute of New York, and was trained by John Gossett of Pilates Concepts of Houston. As a former professional ballet dancer, Megan has been a student of movement her entire life. She believes that enhancing awareness of ones physical being and movement is pivotal to bringing about changes in the body.  Megan teaches ballet in addition to Pilates.