• Nutrition

    Do you find yourself wondering how to transform your diet so that you can become a healthier you? Have you ever gone to a restaurant and been uncertain about the nutritional content of the food you ordered? If you are like most people, you likely have all kinds of questions about your nutritional health. Whether you are trying to adopt more healthful eating habits, manage a medical condition, improve athletic performance, or achieve your specific health goals, our registered dietitian can assist you!

    Areas of specialization:
    • Wellness and Prevention
    • Sports Nutrition
    • Vegetarian Diets
    • Food Allergies
    • Pregnancy and Lactation
    • Diabetes
    • Heart Disease, High Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure


    Are you on campus and looking for healthy options? Visit the Rice Farmer's Market!




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  • Initial Nutrition Consultation - Online via Video Chat or Telephone

        •     60-minute comprehensive nutrition assessment: review of food intake, medical history and lifestyle, food
              preferences, challenges and goals

        •     Personal and unique healthy eating plan (specific meal/snack suggestions and recipes).

        •     Basics of meal planning and label reading


    Consultation with Emails

         •    Comprehensive nutrition assessment (via email): review of food intake, medical history and lifestyle, food
    challenges and goals   

        •     Personal email communication with the dietitian (maximum of 4 emails)

        •     Personal and unique healthy eating plan (specific meal/snack suggestions and recipes)     

        •     Basics of meal planning and label reading


    Dietary Plans & Menu Development

         •     Comprehensive nutrition assessment (either online or via email): review of food intake, medical history
               and lifestyle, food 
    preferences, challenges and goals

        •      1-2 weeks of customized meal plans based on your specific food preferences and nutritional needs
               (includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and optional snacks)

        •      Recipes provided to make meal planning a breeze!                  


    Nutrition Consultation
    Session Type  Prices  
    60 Minute Consultation $70  Purchase Here  
    Email Consultation (4 emails max)  $65  Purchase Here

    Meal Plans

    Session Type Prices    
    Email Consultation + 1 week diet plan $130 Purchase Here
    Email Consultation +2 week diet plan $200 Purchase Here
    60 Minute Online Consultation + 1 week diet plan + Email Correspondence  $200 Purchase Here
    60 Minute Online Consultation + 2 week diet plan + Email Correspondence $270 Purchase Here

    *client can add week(s) if so desired.



    • ChooseMyPlate.gov: Find out your daily calorie needs, track your progress, tip sheets, and more!

    • Assess Your Diet Quizzes: Take brief quizzes to determine your food intake quality.
    Food-A-Pedia: Find nutrition info for thousands of foods.

    • Portion Distortion: Take this quiz to see how portion size has changed over the years.
    Make Your Calories Count: Learn how to read nutrition labels.
    • Making Decisions - Dietary Supplements: Read detailed information about dietary supplements.
    • Free healthy recipes!

  • Meet Our Dietitian

  • Rhea Li is a licensed and registered dietitian (RD, LD) with a Masters in Public Health degree from the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston and a Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition from the University of Texas at Austin. Her philosophy on nutrition centers on the belief that one of the greatest ways to improve health and overall quality of life is to make improvements in one’s diet. She firmly believes that meals can be healthy and delicious, and that these two things need not be mutually exclusive.

    Rhea has been a practicing dietitian for nearly 10 years, providing nutrition counseling for a variety of ages, from infancy to adulthood. Her specialties include weight management, pregnancy, diabetes management and working with children. She previously worked at a prenatal clinic and served as clinic manager for a supplemental nutrition program. Rhea spends time getting to know clients personally in order to help clients build more satisfying and healthy lifestyles. Her innovative and practical strategies help clients clarify what they want, and explore nutritional health options that best serve them. In her spare time, she enjoys the outdoors and spending time with family and friends.

    Questions for Rhea? Feel free to contact her via email: rhea.li@rice.edu