The goal of the Rice Recreation Wellness Program is to help the campus community along the path to a vibrant, healthy and balanced lifestyle. We are currently working to create integrated wellness programs, and to provide resources to foster a culture of health and wellness. For more details about current programs and services, see below.

(Re)Discover Your Wild Side Program

Ever dream of hiking the Grand Canyon, backpacking through the Grand Tetons, or climbing to the top of a fourteener in Colorado, but weren’t sure you had the stamina, knowledge or support needed to achieve your goal? Then this life changing adventure program is perfect for you!

Mindfulness Classes and Workshops

Mindfulness involves paying attention to what is occurring in our present moment experience, with an attitude of openness and non-judgmental acceptance. It engages all of our senses as we open to our entire experience, becoming aware of our body, emotions, thoughts, and the external environment. It is a natural and an intuitive state of presence in which we can feel more connected, real, and alive.

Mindfulness is a state of being which is accessible to every one of us, and a skill that can be developed. The Recreation Center offers several classes and workshops throughout the year dedicated to the practice of mindfulness. If you are interested in learning the fundamentals, building a community of support and connection, or hoping to deepen your current practice, please check us out!


Do you find yourself wondering how to transform your diet so that you can become a healthier you? If you are like most people, you likely have all kinds of questions about your nutritional health. Whether you are trying to adopt more healthful eating habits, manage a medical condition, improve athletic performance, or achieve your specific health goals, our registered dietitian can assist you!