Supporting Your Well-Being During Challenging Times

The Recreation team has spent the last week putting together our hearts and minds to come up with resources, digital tools, and video sessions to support the Rice Community during this stressful time. As difficult and uncertain as things may seem, this situation provides all of us with a chance for growth and transformation. We hope that our live fitness classes, meditation sessions and the resources found below will help you find ease in your experience, care for yourself, and become a beacon of health and peace for others. Topics have been grouped to make this page easy to navigate.

Staying Active at Home

Handouts and Articles

Free Internet Workouts and Training Plans

Mindfulness and Stress Relief

Healthy Recipes

Recovery and Rejuvenation

Working from Home

Tips for Working Remotely

Things to Do When Work Runs Dry
Now is a great opportunity to learn a new skill, read a book for pleasure, or finally do all the things you know you should do, but keep putting off!

Learn a new language
- Lingualift
- Duolingo
- Babbel
- Rosetta Stone

Try a new craft
- 10 New Crafts to Try This Year | posted by The Spruce Crafts
- 15 New Craft Ideas You Need to Try in 2020 | posted by The Crazy Craft Lady
- Craft and Maker Classes | posted by CreativeLive

Listen to Audiobooks
- Audible
- Free Audio Books

Get a jump start on Spring Cleaning
- Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist | posted by Martha Stewart
- 10 Amazing Tips for Tidying Up | posted by Marie Kondo
- How to Clean Your Car | posted by Makers Cleaning Cloths

Tackle the Stuff You've Been Avoiding
- Actually read your insurance policy
- Balance your checkbook (if you even have one)
- Create a budget
- Update/create/organize important life documents (e.g. Will)
- Car maintenance
- Clean out your closet and drawers

Staying Connected While Practicing Social Distance

DISCLAIMER: The Rice University Recreation Center provides recreational programming and information for educational purposes. Please consult a healthcare professional before beginning this or any other fitness or recreation program to determine what is best suited for you and your needs. If at any point you begin to feel faint, dizzy, any physical pain, or shortness of breath, please stop participating immediately and if symptoms persist, call your health care provider or 911 in the case of an emergency.