Certification Courses

General information for all courses

• You must wear a swim suit in class.
• A one-piece suit or thick strapped athletic two-piece for females is required.
• Goggles are highly recommended for the prerequisite swimming test. For lifeguarding, goggles are not allowed during the brick dive on the first day or after the first class day. If you wear contacts, please plan accordingly.
• Snacks are allowed and recommended.
• Certification candidates must attend every session at the times listed by the facility. Failure to attend the entire class will result in a failing grade and no refund. Attendance in the course does not guarantee certification; candidates must pass written and practical exams.
• Do not be late. Part of being a professional American Red Cross lifeguard or Water Safety Instructor is being on time. Being late could result in termination from the class and financial consequences.
• The Rice Recreation Center is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. We suggest leaving valuables (cell phone, wallet, etc.) at home or renting a day-use locker to secure items.
• All cell phones must be put away and turned off or set to silent during class.

Already A.R.C. Certified?

If you are A.R.C. certified as a lifeguard or Water Safety Instructor and are interested in employment, please email aquatics@rice.edu.