ROPE Geocaching

ROPE pleased to offer our own Geocaching challenges right here on campus

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is a real world treasure hunting activity using GPS-enabled devices including your phone. We're creating caches on campus that involve traditional hunting, riddles, and more advanced orienteering skills to keep you challenged.

How do I play?

ROPE recommends using the GeoCaching or C:Geo but most geo-caching apps or GPS devices with tracking should work. Many caches can be accessed directly from the app, but for our series you can begin from the starting coordinates listed below. Enter the coordinates as a waypoint or direct location and off you go! Campus caches will all be microcontainers, a small cylinder of roughly 2 inches in length. Each cache will contain a QR code that you can scan to log your find with us and view the coordinate for the next cache in the series.

Is there a competition?

The first to find a cache is time honored accolade. ROPE and the Gibbs Recreation Center are offering prizes to students who are first to complete a full series of geocaches.

The Eco Week Geocache Challenge in collaboration with College Eco Reps has ended. Congrats to our FTF geocachers.

Stay tuned for our next series Beer Bike 2021!