The Frank W. Bearden Award

The "Frank W. Bearden Award for Teaching Excellence" in the Lifetime Physical Activity Program is given to the Lifetime Physical Activity Program specialist who has shown her/himself to be an outstanding teacher and advocate of physical activity. The award is voted on by students and is based on their belief that a particular specialist has gone beyond the ordinary demands of teaching to inspire, support and encourage students to become physically active.

2013 Award Winner: Jacqueline Nalett

2013 NalettIn 2013, LPAP Specialist Jacqueline Nalett was named the winner of the Frank W. Bearden Award for Teaching Excellence. Jacqueline has been teaching jazz, contemporary and hip hop dance in the Rice LPAP Program since 2006. She received her B.A. in Dance and Visual Art from Mount Holyoke College and has been an adjunct faculty member in the University of Houston School of Theatre and Dance for 19 years, a dance teaching artist with Young Audiences of Houston for 10 years as well as an independent choreographer and performer. Recent quotes from her Rice students demonstrate why she is so deserving of the Frank W. Bearden Award for Teaching Excellence: “… Jacqueline motivated us to look deep into ourselves and try to take something out of the course. She was super patient and put a lot of effort on creating a good atmosphere.” “ She was always very positive and would help us on an individual basis to improve our technique. She was very encouraging and made learning the
                                                                                dances much more fun with her enthusiasm for dance.”


2011 Award Winner: Megan Gossett

MeganLPAP Specialist, Megan Gossett, was named the 2010-2011 Frank W. Bearden Award winner. Megan has been teaching ballet and Pilates classes for the Lifetime Physical Activity Program at Rice since 2008. As a former professional ballet dancer, Megan has been a mover all of her life. It was through her experiences in dance that she was first introduced to Pilates. She found this mind-body movement format so compelling that she became a fully certified Pilates instructor. Students who have taken her class describe her as being "incredibly flexible", "caring" and "good at what she does". It is because of characteristics such as these that Megan is so deserving of the Frank W. Bearden Award for Teaching Excellence.





Past winners:

  • Kristina Koutsoudas (2010)
    Liz Harwood (2009)
    Roger White (2007)
  • Heather Thompson (2006)
  • Chris Shoults (2005)
  • Tracy King Perry (2003)
  • Roger White (2002)
  • Linda Phenix (2001)