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Join Us For Three Free Yoga Events!

Join us for free Yoga Breaks! Come enjoy a free full hour of stretches and poses designed to help you release tension and move efficiently. You will reconnect with yourself and restore your body's natural balance. Rice Recreation Center & Healthy Grad Present Yoga Breaks, three free yoga... Read more

Live With More Balance and Ease

This Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Program teaches people to utilize their innate resources and abilities to respond more effectively to stress and pain. Through the use of these techniques, participants will discover his/her habituated and often unhelpful reactions to life’s... Read more

Start Your Fall 2018 Outdoor Adventure Now!

This fall, say “YES!” to our invitation for adventure. Do you dream of a life filled with adventurous travel, but doubt that you have the necessary stamina, knowledge, or support? Then this life-changing, comprehensive wellness program is perfect for you! Our team of experts will prepare your... Read more

This Fall Get In The Game!

Are you looking to show off your skills this fall? Intramural Sports keeps it rolling all Fall 2018 with some exciting sports designed to give you an opportunity to prove who truly is the best! For more information, click here!... Read more

Purchase Your Fall 2018 Membership!

Hey, undergraduate and graduate students! Are in need of a gym membership this fall? If so, please take advantage of our low membership rate of $33.00! This will guarantee you access to all of our recreational facilities, amenities and programs all summer long! For more information,... Read more