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Equipment Rental

A wide range of equipment can be checked out from the Operations Desk for open recreation use including:
Badminton equipment, Basketballs (Indoor and Outdoor), Billiards equipment, Cones, Dodgeballs, Footballs, Golf discs, Jump ropes, Racquetball equipment, Soccer balls (Indoor and Outdoor), Softball equipment, Squash equipment, Table Tennis equipment, Tennis equipment, Ultimate discs, Volleyballs, Wallyball, and Weight belts.

The member's Rice I.D. card MUST BE swiped to check out any equipment from the Operations Desk, and the equipment must be returned in person by the individual who checked it out. Participants are financially responsible for any loss or damage to equipment while it is in their possession, including equipment used by their sponsored guest. A list of rates is available for viewing at the Operations Desk.

Pro Shop Items

Forgot your swim cap? Don’t worry. Our Pro Shop offers limited items available for purchase by making a quick stop by the Operations Desk.Please note: Due to the nature of recreation, we will not be able to accept any refunds on items sold.

(All prices include tax) 



Racquetball/Squash Eyewear

(over specs)


Racquetball/Squash Eyewear


Speedo Sprint Goggles

(in blue, smoke, or clear)


Speedo Hydrosity Anti-Fog Goggles

(in blue, smoke, or clear)


Silicone Wrinkle-free Swim Cap

(in blue or grey)


Latex Swim Cap

(in royal blue or white)


Back Phones


Regular Head Phones


Combination Locks      $6.00