Benefits of Dance

The Rice Recreation Center believes in the power of dance as an outlet for expression, a new connection to our bodies, and a great form of exercise. As such, the Dance Program provides various opportunities to Rice students, staff, faculty and the greater Houston community to engage in all forms of dance and creative movement. Please check out the various opportunities we offer through our Specialty Programs, Recreation Center LPAP Dance Classes, Summer Dance Camps and our pre-professional dance company.

5 Reasons to Dance

1. Research has shown that frequent dancing is the only physical activity to offer protection against dementia by 76%!
2. Improves your flexibility and mobility
3. Improves your overall mood & well being
4. Way to meet new people
5. Gives you a creative outlet and is FUN!

Recent studies have shown that dance helps improve our overall mood, reduces stress, and improves our cognitive abilities. Yes, dancing makes you smarter! Want to learn more about the benefits of dance? Please check out the articles listed below:

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