Swim Lesson Evaluation

 Class Level:    Session:     
 Class Time:     Instructor:  
In an effort to continually improve our programs, we appreciate your feedback. Please select the number or option that corresponds with your opinion:
Agree Neutral Disagree
1. Instructors were well prepared for lessons.
2. Instructors started classes on time.
3. Instructors interacted with participants effectively.


4. Instructors were sensitive to participant's individual needs
and concerns.


5. Instructor was available to communicate with participants
and spectators when needed.
6. Instructor appeared enthusiastic and upbeat while teaching.
7. Pleased with participant's overall progress in lessons.
8. Pleased with the overall program.
9. Participant enjoyed lessons.
10. Was the Aquatics staff available to address any concerns?
11. How satisfied were you with the registration process?
12. Do you feel there were enough classes offered at convenient times?
13. Was the class size appropriate for the lesson level?
14. How satisfied were you with parking for swim lessons?
15. How did you find out about the swim lesson program at Rice University? (Check all that apply)
Additional Suggestions or comments: