Stroke Clinics

The Rice Recreation Center Aquatics Program offers a variety of FREE clinics. We can help out a range of people; from those who have just learned to swim and to the advanced swimmer who would like a few tips to improve the speed and efficiency of their stroke. (Basic swimming skills are required).

At Each Clinic...

• Learn tips and drills on how to improve your stroke 

• Learn drills or techniques to help you swim smarter, longer and faster

• Watch videos and view demonstrations from certified instructors

• Get free advice on how to create your own effective swimming workout

Stroke Clinics Scheduled TBD.

Each clinic will take place at 6:00 p.m. Please meet in the Wet Classroom.
There must be a minimum of 2 participants present by the start of class for the instructor to teach.
Clinics may be cancelled due to low participation.

Date Clinic Description
Backstroke Make sure you are doing this stroke correctly to avoid shoulder injuries.
Breaststroke Learn the proper way to do the breaststroke (many folks do it wrong)!
Freestyle a.k.a. Front Crawl Get advice on how to improve this essential stroke.
Sidestroke Learn the benefits of sidestroke and how to incorporate it into your swimming workout.
Butterfly Tackle this difficult stroke with the help from a knowledgeable instructor.
Water Safety Learn several beneficial lifesaving techniques to keep you and others safe in aquatic emergencies.

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