• (Re)Discover Your Wild Side: Wellness Adventures

    Think about the last time you experienced something sublime. Maybe you were gazing at a massive mountain range, marveling at some masterful work of art, or witnessing the first movements of a newborn child. Did you feel humbled or overwhelmed with gratitude? Maybe you were struck by the vastness of the universe and your own tiny part in it. Whether amazed or inspired, your experience of awe shows its potential to be transformative, and here at the Rice Recreation Center, we believe (and science is proving) that awe-inducing events can become some of the fastest and most powerful methods for personal change and growth. Yet, like so many things, the busyness of our lives stops us from doing what we know is good for us. We let schedules and habit and mindless technology block us from getting outside and feeding our souls.


    But this Fall, you have a chance to put down your phone, take a break from work and family, and get out there. And not just out anywhere. Join (Re)Discover Your Wild Side and take a unique and remote trip through Rocky Mountain National Park.  Specifically designed for staff and faculty looking to hit reboot on life, this multi-day backpacking adventure will be filled with jaw dropping moments of awe, including crossing the Continental Divide, scaling some of the country's highest peaks, and taking space to contemplate the magnificent night sky.  Throughout this trip, there will be opportunity for reflection, connection, for triumph and for pain. After all, isn't that what transformation requires of us?

    For more information, please contact Dr. Elizabeth Slator, Associate Director, at eslator@rice.edu

    Join us October 2017 for an adventure of a lifetime. Register here! 


  •  RMP1      

    Rocky Mountains, CO 

    Registration Details

    Dates: October 25-30, 2017 

    Spaces available: 7

    Rice Faculty/Staff - $400 • Non-Rice - $450*
    *Price includes all gear, meals and local transportation. Airfare not included.
    Registration Dates: September 12 - October 16, 2016 
    Trip Description:  
    Join the Wild Side team as we travel to Colorado to explore the majestic alpine environment of the Rocky Mountains! This multi-day backpacking adventure will be filled with jaw dropping moments of awe, including crossing the Continental Divide, aiming for the summit of some of the country’s highest peaks, and swimming in pristine lakes and rivers so cold they will take your breath away. Specifically designed for staff and faculty looking to hit reboot on life, this soulful trip will include physical challenge as well as space for reflection, connection and reinvigoration.    

    For an overview of the itinerary and a sample packing list, click HERE.  



    Spring 2017~ Lost Coast, CA  

    In May 2017, the Wild Side team led 7 participants up a punishing coastline trail in northern California. Participants were rewarded with stunning views, up-close encounters with marine life, and a sense of being connected to something bigger than themselves. 



    “The word lost means: unable to find one’s way but, honestly, I couldn’t have felt more found. This hike gave me a lifetime of very fond memories, filled with a whirlwind of emotions, a few broken toenails, breathtaking views, healing of one’s soul, and all in all the comfort in being able to call it home. As Cecelia Ahern the novelist said, 'Home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling.' I was home."  


    Spring 2017~ Grand Staircase-Escalante, UT

    In April 2017, 11 coworkers struggled, laughed and broke down walls together. 



    My Wild Side trip will always be one I remember and smile. It was filled with laughs, amazing compassion and patience. I am looking forward to another opportunity to do it again." 


    Spring 2016~Grand Canyon, AZ 

    In May 2016, the Wild Side team led 6 participants through a backpacking experience of a lifetime.  


    “My Wild Side trip to the Grand Canyon was one of, if not THE, hardest thing I have ever done, and one the most rewarding! The experience took me through exhaustion, pain, doubt and then up to exhilaration and triumph. I learned what I can truly accomplish. The experience boldly reminded me of the genuinely important things in life. The perspective it brought to me, though it sounds simple, was profound; take in the grand picture, enjoy it and strive for it but remember, it is all one step at a time and each step is vital, significant and meaningful.”     
    ~Mary Lynn    


    "The moment I heard about the trip, the kid in me jumped up with joy. And, it turned out to be everything I expected and in fact much more. The staff ensured that we were all well trained - physically and mentally to accomplish this trip. The sight of the cliffs, the touch of the breeze, the soft rhythm of the streams, the campfire, the chit-chatter, the times we stood for each other. For me, it was a small adventure that will be cherished forever."