• Student Leadership Group (S.L.G.)

    The purpose of the S.L.G. is to provide a select group of student employees the opportunity to gain leadership skills and practical work experience, as well as the chance to offer valuable input that will directly impact the vision and future direction of the Recreation Center. Working together with professional staff, S.L.G. members serve as the voice of the student employees at the Barbara & David Gibbs Recreation and Wellness Center and are the face of the largest student staff on campus.

    What do we do?

    Since its creation in 2010, the S.L.G. has coordinated, facilitated, and participated in a wide variety of events to serve Rice community members, employees of Rec Center, as well as the S.L.G. itself including:

    ➢ Rec ‘Em Tailgate
    ➢ Free Giveaways on College Row
    ➢ Fall Student Staff Orientation
    ➢ O-Week Carnival
    ➢ Rec Center Job Fair
    ➢ Spring Student Staff Orientation
        o Bandana Bonanza (2011)
        o Laser Tag (2012)
        o Willy’s Pub (2013)
    ➢ Professional Development Workshops
        o Budget Planning
        o Understanding your Benefits
        o Building Credit
        o Preparing for Interviews
    ➢ S.L.G. Appreciation Night

    icon_pdf For more details, download our Information Packet.

    How to get involved

     If you are interested in becoming a part of the S.L.G.
    1. Obtain an S.L.G. application which can be found below
    2. Request a letter of recommendation from your program area supervisor
    3. Submit your complete application with letter of reference and resume to the Administration offices by the application deadline.

     icon_pdfDownload an application  

    If you have any questions, please email SLG@rice.edu

  • Member Bios



    Sean Kow

    Year: Senior
    Major: Biochemistry & Cell Biology
    Department: Operations




     Meghan_newMeghan Ryann

    Major: Mechanical Engineering
    Department: Club Sports




    OliviaOlivia Hernandez

    Year: Sophomore
    Major: Social Sciences Division
    Department: Weight Room




    JuliaJulia Sunderland

    Year: Sophomore
    Major: Chemical Engineering
    Department: ROPE



    IlinaIlina Terziyski

    Year: Sophomore
    Major: French and Biochemistry
    Department: Aquatics



    StephenStephen Wallin

    Year: Junior
    Major: Biochemistry & Cell Biology
    Department: Aquatics