Meet our S.W.E.A.T. Instructors


 Karen R. New  

Karen Rosenthall

Karen has been teaching spinning classes since 2007. Her favorite thing about spin is that each participant can tailor the workout to his or her own abilities, so while she loves to encourage people to push hard, she knows that everyone is able to determine that individually.  She hopes that the people who take her class are constantly challenged to exceed their perceived limits and have fun in the process.
 Karen D. New  

Karen Ding

Karen teaches ZUMBA®.  Her classes include a mix of Latin styles such as merengue, cha cha, salsa, cumbia, and reggaeton, as well as Bollywood, belly dance and pop. She believes that the best part about being an instructor is being able to motivate students of all levels to have a great workout while having fun at the same time.  “I hope participants will find my ZUMBA® classes exhilarating and physically challenging!"
 Michelle Shapiro NEW  

Michelle Shapiro

Michelle loves teaching indoor cycle classes. She’s been doing this for many years and feels it's one of the things in life she’s extremely passionate about. She feels her participants really enjoy her music and get a really fun and challenging work out.
 Heather Kenney  

Heather Kenney

Heather is excited about teaching spin classes at Rice. Her favorite thing about being an instructor is helping people have fun and enjoy themselves while they work out. She hopes her students leave her classes feeling positive and empowered.  



Griffin Thomas

Griffin has been teaching ZUMBA® since 2012. As someone who has not always been comfortable in a gym, he loves the fun and judgment-free environment that ZUMBA® provides. Griffin feels that ZUMBA® is a great way to increase confidence while partying. Come check out one of his classes!  

Milton Pinzon-Cancino

Milton has been teaching group fitness classes, including Power Pump, since 2006 and at the Recreation Center since 2011. He invites you to try Power Pump, it will improve your strength and general fitness, shape and tone your muscles, protect your bones and joints from injury, and help you get into shape while having fun. 

Jackie Roy 

Jackie is an avid runner and believer of constant variation in your workouts for total body health. She loves teaching CSI and Yoga because she can see her students confidence, strength and flexibility increase in an non-competitive environment each semester. It is a combination that allows her students to achieve both physical and mental health and a true sense of personal empowerment.  

Evans Amoako

Evans brings with him a strong athletic background. He has participated in Soccer, Track & Field, Cross-Country and Boxing. He is a certified Personal Trainer by International Sports Science Association. He also holds a CPR/AED certification from the American Heart Association. Evans holds a degree in Business Administration-Marketing from Southwestern College. He teaches Core Power, as well as H.I.T. (High Intensity Training), a specialty fitness class.