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Events and Tournaments

The Rice Fencing Program participates at several Fencing Tournaments held at Rice University, as well as in the Houston Area.

2014 Blackbeard Memorial and RYC

296 years ago, Captain Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard, met his end on the high seas. Join us in a fencing tournament marking the end of someone who knew the value of a quality blade.

Dates: November 22 - 23
Venue: Gibbs Recreation Center - Main Gyms 1 and 2

Fees: $30 Registration before November 7
$60 Registration after November 8
          $90 At the door, day-of
Event fees: $25

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Saturday, November 22
8:30am -- Senior Mixed Epee
8:30am – Senior Women's Foil
8:30am -- Y14 Men's Foil
8:30am -- Y14 Women's Foil
10:00am -- Y12 Men's Saber
10:00am -- Y12 Women's Saber
11:00am -- Y12 Men's Epee
11:00am -- Y12 Women's Epee
12:00pm – Senior Women's Saber
12:00pm -- Y10 Men's Foil
12:00pm -- Y10 Women's Foil
1:00pm -- Senior Mixed Saber

Sunday, November 23
8:30am -- Senior Mixed Foil
8:30am – Senior Women's Epee
8:30am -- Y14 Men's Epee
8:30am -- Y14 Women's Epee
10:30am -- Y8 Mixed Foil
10:30am -- Y10 Men's Saber
10:30am -- Y10 Women's Saber
12:00pm -- Y10 Men's Epee
12:00pm -- Y10 Women's Epee
1:00pm -- Y12 Men's Foil
1:00pm -- Y12 Women's Foil
1:30pm -- Y14 Men's Saber
1:30pm -- Y14 Women's Saber